Could Your Style Be Called Trendless

Could Your Style Be Called Trendless

Posted 2018-04-01 by Marie Vonowfollow

I first came across the word Trendless in a magazine I was reading in a coffee shop. The magazine article went on to state that a
trendless item is designed so it can be worn for many years 'like a beautiful work of art.' This made a 'trendless' piece of clothing sound desirable, perhaps expensive.

Well of course I wasn't satisfied that I had the complete story about the meaning of trendless. Out of curiosity, I checked my old hard copy dictionary and was not surprised that trendless wasn't in it. I had to go online for some more information.

According to Wiktionary trendless means 'not exhibiting any particular trend.'

TrendLess blog
Then, as happens when one is researching on the internet, something else caught my eye. I found the TrendLess Blog-Fashion & lifestyle on a craft beer budget . This blog presented trendless as something desirable as shown in the context of travel and home d├ęcor as well as clothing.

While investigating trendless on the internet, I also came across the word, trendoid.

Your Dictionary provides the definition, 'Person who follows fashion trends blindly.'

Urban Dictionary is harsher, saying, 'An idiot who follows all trends.'

What's your style?
One can't really follow all trends as there are far too many, but do you follow selected trends with a sense of pride at being knowledgeable about what's 'in'? Or is your style trendless and you prefer clothes that will last and can't be picked as having been bought at a particular time? Perhaps your style is classic. There is the possibility you just ask that your clothes be comfortable and not need ironing.

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