The Pleasure Of Reading Up On Fashion

The Pleasure Of Reading Up On Fashion

Posted 2016-03-16 by Marie Vonowfollow
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I am no fashionista but I do enjoy reading up on fashion in magazines and on the internet. At times the trends I am seeing might be from a couple of seasons ago but I still get pleasure from perusing them when I have time to chill.

Sometimes when I have a coffee alone in a cafe I will spy a pile of magazines such as Vogue. Flicking through the magazine looking at the pictures adds to my enjoyment of my cappuccino. Yes, I know I am supposed to be totally concentrating on one thing at a time. However, enjoying a magazine and drinking cappuccino at the same time works for me.

Now the truth of the matter is there are many pieces of clothing and accessories in such a magazine I don't like . It isn't just that they wouldn't suit me or are for women of a different body shape or age bracket. I simply don't like them. However, I still enjoy looking at them.

Another aspect I don't like about many of the items is the price tag. One day I did a rough tally of the total cost of an outfit in an upmarket magazine. Luckily I was sitting down because the total was over $20,000. Yes, that is twenty thousand dollars. I didn't accidentally add an extra zero.

Did I feel depressed because there is no way in the world I could ever afford that? No, I actually felt quite smug because I can put together an outfit I am happy to wear for a few dollars. An item off the sale rack out the front of my favourite boutique teamed with a couple of items from a thrift shop adds up to a colourful comfortable ensemble. I just add a comfortable pair of shoes and some accessories such as earrings and I am ready to go out the door.

I should mention I do also look at magazines aimed at women on a budget and get inspiration from some of these.

Now and then I buy a few second hand fashion magazines. One of my friends saves her magazines and hands them on to me after her mother in law has read them.

I cut out any pictures that appeal to me and stick them in my scrap books along with inspirational quotes, interesting articles and information I want to keep. Cutting out and pasting selected images and text is relaxing.

It doesn't matter that other people have different tastes in clothing. The variety of clothing available is part of the appeal of looking at fashion magazines and online sites.

I have subscribed to a few fashion blogs and enjoy checking out Pinterest boards featuring clothes and accessories. It is interesting to see how some 'real' people (not models) put different pieces of clothing together to create a 'look'.

Please don't quiz me on this season's must haves and what the hottest trend is as I could be a season or two behind. Cafe magazines and reading material picked up in op shops can be out of date and fashion changes so quickly. I enjoy checking out fashion anyway and get pleasure from it as I don't take it seriously.


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