Online Dating

Online Dating

Posted 2014-06-02 by melzyfollow
Well it wasn't the first time I took a chance at love of the online kind.

There's the men that want to sext or meet up for sex, the ones that scare you into blocking them completely, the ones you just don't feel that way about. But then there's that one that for some reason amongst them all grabs your attention.

What is it about us women that we always think just one more try, maybe this one could be the 'the one'?

I packed up my car and travelled across to another state to meet him. This guy that had me loosing sleep. Attached to my phone and computer. I had to know, was he the one or was I wasting my time?

I was so afraid that he wouldn't want me but I had to know.

Turns out he was everything I wanted and thought he would be. Turns out I was everything he wanted but with one very large exception, no romantic spark?!?

So home I travelled after spending days with him, having risked it all and most of all my heart. The kinder and more caring he was, the more my ego shrivelled and my heart cracked.

To be honest to invest so much time and feelings into this idea and dream and have it all fade away was excruciating.

To become so close to someone and for reasons that no matter of sleepless nights and pondering can explain not be the one that sets their heart on fire, whilst yours is left to burn in vain.

He wanted to be friends as we could talk about anything and had come to know so much about each other but I couldn't. Better to end it and walk away, a lesson learned. No more online dating for me, I'll take love the old fashioned way.


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