Fashion Models In Magazines

Fashion Models In Magazines

Posted 2017-02-06 by Marie Vonowfollow
I enjoy flicking through thick glossy fashion magazines and looking at the clothes and models. This activity is especially enjoyable if I am sitting in a lovely cafe, sipping a really good cappuccino at the same time. However, the truth is I wouldn't wear the majority of the clothes even if I had the 'ideal' figure and was younger. Also, I have never had any desire to be a model.

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When I look at the faces of models on the catwalk I see boredom or haughtiness. Sometimes the face is blank with no emotion.

I guess these are the expressions a model is instructed to display. Perhaps it is easier to have a blank face when you are strutting down the catwalk, concentrating on keeping your balance and walking at the right speed. The audience don't expect happy smiling faces on models who are displaying the current trends.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Sometimes a model in a magazine is very heavily made up. Coupled with a pouting expression, if I saw her walking down the street I would think she looked troubled. I might wonder what problems her life held.

In a magazine windswept hair on a model can look quite effective, perhaps artistic. However, in the real world I would look at her and wonder if she owned a hair brush.

The model with hair partly over her face can have an air of mystery but if I met her I would think she would look better with a hair cut, or at least with her hair clipped back.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Personally I get annoyed if my hair is in my eyes or blows into my face, but then, I am not posing for a fashion magazine. Image courtesy of Pixabay

I do enjoy looking at fashion magazines but not because I want to look like a model and I certainly do not desire the lifestyle of a model or anyone else in the public eye.


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