How to Stay Productive During the Winter Months

How to Stay Productive During the Winter Months

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When cold weather settles in, it brings with it fog over our ability to focus and work. We may think we can carry on as we did in the fall, but something's different. Cold weather slows your metabolism, the lack of vitamin D lowers your energy and ups rates of depression and anxiety: but we still have to work. Instead of hoping your bosses won't notice you taking extra time off or being late to work more than once a week: here are some tips to help make anyone more productive.

Have A Seven Day Waking Alarm

Weekends are supposed to be the time when we can stay in bed and sleep as late as we'd like. We tend to stay up later and make up for that the morning after. Unfortunately, this isn't very pleasant for your weekly schedule. Our bodies have trouble [Link getting back into our usual] program on Sunday night, and we kick off our weeks tired and slow. The effects of this can be even worse in the winter.

Instead, create a schedule that you stick to every day of the week. Even if you're partying on Saturday night, get out of bed on your weekday alarm on Sundays, as well. This will prepare you for the week and fight against any grogginess you'd otherwise feel.

Get Vitamin D In Other Ways

Although you may have found a home with a sunlight rating over 70 when looking at [Link Arlington real estate], winter is a different game. The lack of sunlight and vitamin D will sap away your energy and leave you more susceptible to depression and anxiety. You can recreate sunlight for yourself through UV lamps and other bright lights to replicate the sensation. If you're having trouble getting up in the dark mornings, buy a lamp alarm clock that will brighten your room gradually as your alarm goes off.

Be Realistic With Your Schedule

Depending on your work line, you may be able to rearrange how and when you're actively working. [Link Don’t pile on more tasks] than you could ever accomplish, and expect yourself to be able to complete any of them.

Schedule your most arduous tasks for the time of day you notice you have the most energy. If that means postponing dinner by half an hour so you can complete your paperwork: do it! You have to plan around your energy levels to keep yourself from feeling pressured when you’re already low energy.

Ask For Help

Everyone has a hard time in long winters, [Link don’t be afraid to ask for help]. Even if you can't meet in person, having a group of people who understand what you're going through can be freeing. Schedule times every week where you can talk and catch up while enjoying other people's company. Interacting with others will energize you, give you coping mechanisms, and will help you see you're not in this alone. Although winters may feel isolating, you can create a winter of productivity with just a little bit of work.

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