You Dont See That Every Day

You Dont See That Every Day

Posted 2017-08-25 by Marie Vonowfollow
Courtesy of Pixabay

I was travelling to Adelaide on the train this morning. I had been making some notes on my mobile and then I looked up and saw this galah. I can hear some of you saying, well it's not unusual to see someone acting the fool on public transport. No, that's not what I mean. I mean, I saw a bird, a galah in a cage. A chap was holding the cage, getting ready to alight at the next stop. The galah was quiet in his cage and I would have missed seeing it if I hadn't looked up when I did.

I know I often miss seeing things of interest because I am not taking note of what is around me. Perhaps I am gazing out the window, not really looking, lost in thought. Other times I am making notes on my mobile, which I don't consider to be a waste of time.

There are times I am worrying or upset about something and so miss the good or interesting things around me.

But there are plenty of times when I am alert to my surroundings. Sometimes it isn't something amazing that catches my attention but it is something that makes me think, 'You don't see that every day.' One day I saw a green plastic ball floating in the creek. I saw it again the next day a little further downstream snagged on a branch. Later in the week we had heavy rain and the ball was gone. I wonder if it made it all the way to the sea or got caught up again at some point downstream.

Today I was in Rundle Mall Adelaide and it was FruChocs Appreciation Day . I took a couple of photos of the FruChocs Mascot because you don't see that every day.

FruChocs Mascot. Image by Marie Vonow

Some people would think, 'Who cares? There's nothing special about that.' However, I find little things can amuse me, provide a topic of conversation or even inspire me to write something.

Whether I am walking, waiting for public transport or travelling on a train there are often things of interest to observe. Sometimes I just have to look a bit harder and take notice of what is happening around me.


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