Women In Street Art

Women In Street Art

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One of the popular topics featured in the street art to be found in the streets of Adelaide is 'the woman'. There are endless interpretations of 'the woman'.

This face is really large. ImageMarie Vonow

Sometimes 'the woman' is more of a fantasy style painting rather than a realistic portrayal. These paintings can be very colourful, containing all sorts of embellishments and give the artist a chance to display her/his imagination.

Street art found in an alley in the CBD. ImageMarie Vonow

On a side street off the Norwood Parade. ImageMarie Vonow

Some of the paintings are large with the face taking up a complete wall. This ensures those viewing the painting concentrate on the face and are not distracted by other details. Paintings like this catch your attention as you travel past, enticing you to stop for a closer look. If you can't stop there and then you may decide to come back another day and take in the art work properly. I make a note of the nearest stop if I spot intriguing street art when I am travelling past on public transport.

This face on a wall at Goodwood covers a complete wall. ImageMarie Vonow

I find the face below attractive. The eyes have depth and the painting brightens up the boring wall. Paintings like this add vibrancy to an area.

Another painting of a womans face at Goodwood. ImageMarie Vonow

Some street art will show the complete woman. The example below would not have as much impact if we weren't able to see the complete woman in her flowing gown. Other stobie poles along this road feature women. Having a theme can be effective.

ImageMarie Vonow

The street art below really appeals to me. It depicts an 'ordinary' woman going about her day. Is she really 'ordinary'? If we got to know her we would probably discover she has talents and interests we didn't expect. She may be a special person to have as a friend, someone who is always there for us. Somehow she represents a 'real' woman to me more than any of the other paintings. She is the one I want to chat with over coffee.

ImageMarie Vonow

The topic is 'woman' but each artist interprets it differently. Each example has a different impact. The individual will be attracted to different paintings for various reasons. It is great to be exposed to free art work as one goes about daily life.


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