Mens Chains in Vogue

Mens Chains in Vogue

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In contrary to the popular belief that women rule the fashion industry, studies show that men are the ones who rule this industry. With the emergence of men’s fashion weeks and with the growing digital influence, the industry is firmly taken hold around the globe. Instagram and Snapchat are the other game changers in this industry. However, celebrities are the actual trendsetters, and they have millions of followers on social media which work as a catalyst for the change.

Men’s Chains: The Trend-Setter
Since ancient times, men’s jewelry chains have been one of the most used accessories. While during those days, gold and pearl chains were commonly used, now there is a vast range of fashionable and exclusive chains. The range starts from ultra-luxurious gold and expensive stone crafted chains to fashionable and trendy wears. It depends upon your personality, budget and of course, the trending style. Some offline and online stores sell these kinds of stuff. So, be ready to be spoilt for choice in this category.

Gold Chains
Men and women equally admire the precious metal. Most of the men like to wear these gold chains regularly. It is traditional neck jewellery which is available in countless designs and style. There’s also an option to customise according to individual taste and budget. Since a very long time, the humble gold chain has been a fashion statement for most of us. While some feel it is little flashy, but one thing is for sure — it is an evergreen product and is now available in white colour (white-gold) also, which is very in.

Silver Chains (chandi ki chain)
Indians love both gold and silver. While gold is little expensive, silver is very light on your pocket. The market is filled with lots of elegantly crafted silver chain for men online. It is very fashionable and great for wearing daily and even for gifting. The silver chains are the most popular because of their versatility and price.

Metal Chains
Besides gold and silver, neck chains are available in many more metals, such as brass, bronze and mixed metals. These neck pieces are very popular among youths. It can be easily paired with a great pendant. You can buy multiple of these style statement pieces and wear according to your mood and occasion. This will surely enhance your class and leave a long-lasting impression on others.

Customised Chains
As more and more men are looking forward to making a style statement, customised neck chains are much in fashion. Rudraksh is also an important material which is used to make Shiva bracelets and neckpieces. The unlimited scope of customisation offers a great way to create a chain or necklace that can fit on all your parameters. The range is huge but what you choose largely depends on your innovation and the kind of trend you want to set.


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