9 Things To Do On A Long Weekend

9 Things To Do On A Long Weekend

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Okay, so it is a long weekend and you are looking around for something to do. Some will find this idea a joke as you find there aren't enough hours in a day. However, others are wondering what to do. This article will give you nine suggestions and many are free.

1. Relax
Honestly, it is actually a good thing to make some time to do nothing in particular, but it can be quite difficult to allow yourself to do this if you are in the habit of always being busy. I tend to feel guilty if I am not doing something.

Make time to sit outside in your own backyard if you have one or go to a park, river or the beach and just sit and look at the world around you. Now this is where I can find myself grabbing for my mobile to check emails or make a list on memo. See, it's that need to be doing something instead of just being in the moment.

Watching the clouds is relaxing, needs no equipment and it's free. Letting your mind wander is a good way to unwind. Simply looking at Nature while you take some deep breaths is beneficial for both your physical and mental health.

2. Have a pyjama day
Okay, I have to admit I wouldn't feel comfortable spending the whole day in my pjs. (I don't know why because the idea does appeal.) However the writer of Lazy Days explains the benefits of such a day.

3. Coffee with a friend
It doesn't matter if it's coffee, breakfast, brunch or another meal with a friend. Whether you catch up at home or out at a cafe is up to you.

If it's a busy long weekend you may find it more relaxing to choose a home setting. It also depends on your personality. Some people love to be surrounded by activity and stimulation while others prefer to avoid hustle and bustle.

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4. Check out what events are on
I find Weekendnotes a great site for finding out what's happening in the way of open days, markets, entertainment and things to do. Sometimes one of my close friends invites me along to an event she has heard about on the radio. I pick up brochures at the library and read notice boards for information on what's happening locally.

5. Look at some street art
I love looking at and photographing street art. There is plenty of it these days, some not too far from home and it's free to view. Sometimes there is a name on the art and I might look the artist up on the internet to get more information.

Street art in North Adelaide Image by Marie Vonow

6. Take your dog for a walk
This may be something you do regularly but perhaps not. Now could be the time to get some exercise and spend quality time with your four legged friend. Alternatively, you might spend time brushing him/her, an activity which will benefit both of you.

7. Cook something different
When one is busy with paid employment, study, caring for family and the usual routine it's easy to stick to a few tried and true meal ideas. A long weekend may provide extra time to try out something different/\.

Some people like to cook something complicated but I am more of a quick and simple cook. Whenever a recipe claims to be quick, easy or for lazy cooks I am hooked.

8. Declutter your wardrobe
I prefer to declutter on my own but some people like to have a friend to make suggestions and keep them on track. The choice is yours.

If you have a lot of clothes you may want to limit this activity to sorting out the clothes in your chest of drawers or one closet instead of attempting the whole task in one sitting. For more ideas, check out
5 Steps For Decluttering Your Wardrobe

9. Write a hand written letter
Some people really appreciate a hand written letter, delivered by the postie. Now could be a good time to send a letter. You could pop a book mark or other little extra in with your letter. I have cousins who paste pretty little pictures onto the envelopes of the letters they send me. Emails are quick and convenient but there is something so personal about a real letter which has been touched by the person who wrote it.

It doesn't matter if you want to go out and be busy, stay in and declutter or lounge around in your pyjamas, there is no shortage of ways to fill in your long weekend. Enjoy.


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