Why I Dislike Womens Day Celebration

Why I Dislike Womens Day Celebration

Posted 2014-03-06 by smitafollow
Like every year, I am hearing it. This function on Women's Day, that program at so and so place. Felicitations, book releases, speeches, competitions, awareness programs. All centred around that one single day in March. Often I wonder, how come the world talks about women's rights and achievements on one day and the rest 364 days tosses them around.

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She's a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister. She plays these roles everyday. She's the teacher at your school, the nurse who assists your doctor, the maid who mows your lawn or the nun at the church. She's everywhere, working relentlessly, shoulder to shoulder with her male counterparts. Mother sees no holiday, weekends are working days for her, in fact its an over time. No one can tell stories like grandma nor can anyone look after daddy like his girl.

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She's beautiful, strong, caring, selfless. She is the anchor of the family. She is the backbone for her husband. Not just for one day, but everyday. She works like any other man and she comes home to cook and look after the kids. She struggles with the office politics, drives through the traffic. She does everything a man does and probably much more.

We don't have International Men's day, then why do we have a Women's day? Are we still living in a male-dominant world?

And what happens for the rest of the year. Why are female foetuses still aborted? Why is rape and molestation still prevalent? And why are women still subject to domestic violence? Who is responsible for them? The people who give speeches about women empowerment only on Women's day, where do they go when these women are distressed?

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Is she still being considered vulnerable? Weak? To all the rigorously working out men out there, a woman in labour does your month's full of exercise and calorie burning in a single day.

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Its high time the society thinks women as equal and their rights should be an involuntary thing, not something that needs to be fought for.
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Love the women around you, respect them everyday. Celebrate Women's Day every single day. Celebrate womanhood. It is only then that women would be truly liberated.

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