Poems in Just Seventeen Syllables

Poems in Just Seventeen Syllables

Posted 2017-04-20 by Marie Vonowfollow
Image by Marie Vonow

The Pinnacles
Craggy limestone heads.
Jutting out of shifting sands,
Limestone pinnacles.

Glider Possum
Smaller than a mouse,
See it glide from branch to branch,
Glider possum, grey.

Sea Lion
Mammal of the sea,
Sea lion on hot white sand,
Seems to pose for me.

Sea lion on beach at Point Gibbon on Eyre Peninsula South Australia Image by Marie Vonow

Church Spire
The church spire rises
Beyond rusty factories
Reaching for heaven.

Billboard Message
Upon the billboard
Scrawled in frustrated black paint-
'Unemployed-fight back!'

Gum Trees
Tall, patient and bold,
Pointing toward cloud filled sky,
The majestic gums.

Image by Marie Vonow

Sometimes it takes just seventeen syllables to describe something which has caught your attention.


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