When the Bleeding Doesnt Stop

When the Bleeding Doesnt Stop

Posted 2014-06-20 by melzyfollow

I am writing this in the hopes that I can save other women from what I went through. If you are bleeding abnormally and too ashamed or afraid to seek help please read on.

As it was I did seek help but no one would help me for a long time. My periods became ridiculously heavy and then eventually failed to stop at all. This was not normal bleeding. I can only liken it to if you cut an artery. If I had been bleeding this way from any other part of my body I would have been helped immediately.

As many women will know you learn to live and cope with some extreme circumstances, especially when it seems you have no choice. I was working and trying my best to live a normal life. This went on for at least a year. A very strong contraceptive seemed to help a little but I gained weight and in the end that didn't help either.

I was sent in for a d & c (effectively an abortion without any abortion taking place as I was not pregnant) which did nothing to improve my situation. How they failed to discover what was wrong with me then is a mystery to me. I became pale and weak from blood loss. I even had cravings for dirt because I was lacking that much iron in the end. As a grown adult it would seem ridiculous to crave dirt but trust me your body craves what it wants when it is lacking something as badly as I was. I was a ghost.

I was ashamed and desperate for help. I clearly remember the day I was talking to a friend outside a shopping centre and all of a sudden a gush of bright red blood ran down my leg. My friend thought I had hurt myself, I was mortified and reduced to tears. In the end I had to resort to adult nappy's to try to contain the blood I was losing.

Finally a trip to Emergency and and an out of town doctor saved my life by referring me to a specialist. Please, please, please if you have any symptoms such as I did, see a gynecologist immediately.

I had a fybroid growing in my uterus. At first there was no way of knowing if it was benign, so I had the added fear of cancer. Since I already had a scar across my tummy and was reasonably young the doctor chose not to cut me open but go in through my vagina. Before the operations I was given an iron transfusion that the specialist said would have been pointless at the rate I was bleeding.

It took three operations for the fybroid to be removed and thank goodness it was benign. I required three blood transfusions after my first operation as I had half the blood in my body that I was meant to. Fybroid's can also cause infertility, so for those having trouble falling pregnant this maybe something worth looking into.

I can't explain the shame, pain and fear I went through all those months bleeding the way I was. Don't suffer in silence, you know your body, if something is not right, be heard, go to another doctor, get a second opinion. I look back now and wonder how I made it through, in the end I almost fainted trying to lift some furniture. I was so sick but trying to continue on with my life. Don't let anyone ignore your pleas for help in such a situation and don't just accept it. Get help as soon as you can.


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