Books Alive

Books Alive

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We the people bring ideas to life. Words on a page often communicate complex social relationships. We often act upon these words when the time is right. Like the proposals we right. We also write to reflect on action like reports and analysis.

The words we find written can inspire us to try something different. The words "Free fall from 14 000 ft" was enough to encourage me to jump out of a plane!

The words "Power, speed and strength" describe a physical state we can inspire to.

Poetry and love song lyrics evoke such strong emotions that we are often drawn to a relationship. Often battles are only fought on paper and in writing.
Writing books expresses such diverse and complicated ideas on an infinite variety of topics.

Every person has a story to tell.
If you can read and write
Your future is bright

Often we just don't have the knowledge and right information to realize our full potential.


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