To Buy Or Not To Buy

To Buy Or Not To Buy

Posted 2015-10-05 by Marie Vonowfollow
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Should I buy that or shouldn't I? On the one hand there is the pressure to be a consumer and on the other hand the decluttering/do I really need it trend. Some people are shopaholics, buying many things they don’t need as a way of coping with emotional stress or mental health issues. Other people limit their purchases with an iron will. They may prefer a simple life or they may choose to spend money on experiences rather than material things. There are also those who buy little because they feel guilty about spending money, especially on themselves.

Advertising encourages us to buy new things, a fancy house, flash car, clothes, furniture, electronic gizmos and so on. We are brainwashed to keep up with the Joneses or make our friends jealous. Using credit is common. Constantly buying new things can lead to a house crammed with stuff and possibly debt. It doesn’t lead to lasting happiness.

I think back to my childhood when we sometimes ate outside. A fire would be lit in a hole and a piece of chicken wire placed over the hole. Chops and sausages would be cooked over the fire and boy did they smell good. Sliced bread and some tomato sauce would complete the feast. We sat on a simple garden seat with wooden slats that had been painted several colours.

These days outdoor entertainment areas can be fancy. Some people have an outdoor kitchen, expensive seating and all sorts of extras. This may be important to some people and they believe it enhances their life. Others may just have such an area because their friends or neighbours do.

Some households choose a simpler lifestyle and limit their purchases. Much has been written about decluttering and you can even get a professional person to advise you on the process. Decluttering can make life easier and bring a feeling of peace into one’s life.

Getting rid of clutter one has held onto for years has all sorts of advantages in addition to being able to open a cupboard without being hit by an avalanche of items trying to escape. Some people believe getting clutter out of a house allows energy to flow. It can make one feel like a burden has been removed.

Sometimes people limit their shopping because they consider the impact their spending habits have on the environment. They feel guilty about tossing items they can’t recycle because they know they will end up as landfill. Shopping may sometimes make them feel guilty.

Sometimes a person can find it difficult to make a decision of whether to buy something or not. Perhaps she/he is considering buying a new set of saucepans. They could afford a new set. Is it something they need? They have saucepans. However, the saucepans are old and the handles are wobbly and can’t be tightened anymore. This could be a safety risk but it’s probably okay, the person reasons. They can continue to make do with the old ones.

Is the person trying to avoid unnecessary spending? Or does the person feel they don’t deserve something new? Do they generally feel guilty about spending money?

There are no simple answers to solve the dilemma of when to buy and when to refrain. Having decided to make a purchase, will it be new or second hand? Again there is no easy answer. Each individual needs to decide what is important in their life. Every person has to work out for herself/himself how much money they spend and on what.


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