Things I Like To Do Alone

Things I Like To Do Alone

Posted 2014-08-21 by Marie Vonowfollow

I enjoy spending time with family and friends. A good conversation is one of the joys of life. Sharing an experience, whether it be a movie, a nice meal or a drive in the country is also great. It is fun to talk about that shared experience at a later date. However, I am one of those people who also enjoy time alone, in fact at times I crave solitude.

When I go shopping for clothes I do not want company. I love to browse in boutiques, op shops and markets for clothes. I will take a lot of time looking through racks of clothes and trying things on. At times I will try on things I don't expect to suit me but I just want to experiment with a different look. I am a fan of layering so sometimes I will try on a dress which is too short as a dress, but in my mind I see it worn over leggings. It would be too hard to explain my thought process to a friend. I have a different style from my friends so I can’t see the advantage in dragging a friend along on a shopping trip and asking her opinion.

If I am in a daydreaming mood I enjoy slowly drinking a mug of coffee in a nice café. Sometimes I will sit outside and watch the people walking past. I may look through magazines provided by the café and perhaps note down a few points as I read. If I am struck by inspiration I will scribble in my notebook. This is my time and I don’t want to share it.

I use public transport frequently. Although there have been times when I have had a great conversation with a fellow traveller, generally this is another time when I enjoy daydreaming. It is relaxing to gaze out the window at the scenery, whether that be city streets or countryside. Sometimes I read and at other times I will write a few lines for a poem or record some ideas for an article or a short story.

There are times I enjoy watching a movie alone. This is particularly if I don’t know if others would enjoy it. Sometimes I watch a movie a second time in the company of another. The initial viewing may have made me think it would be fun to share it with someone who would appreciate the humour or the pathos.

In the morning I like to sit out the front of my house, drink my coffee and watch the birds that fly down to eat seed I have scattered. Occasionally I will share this experience with a friend but usually it is an activity I do alone. I can really observe the birds and the way they interact with each other. If I was talking my concentration would be on the conversation and I wouldn’t be free to pay attention to the birds. I am able to take note of the breeze or the sunshine and luxuriate in enjoying the moment.

When I am writing I like to be alone so I can concentrate. I listen to music and just write, hopefully without interruption. The ideas flow faster when I am alone.

Sometimes I take on the challenge of repairing something or completing a DIY job on my own. I may have to research how to do it, talk to someone at the hardware store or just come up with my own solution. When I am successful I feel a sense of satisfaction.

Yes, I love to spend time with others and find it exhilarating to have a deep meaningful conversation late into the night. I do enjoy sharing experiences with others. As I get older I particularly value time spent with family members who have experienced some of the same things as me over the years. I wouldn’t want to be without family and friends. However, I also cherish the time I spend on my own.


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