The Woman In Street Art

The Woman In Street Art

Posted 2017-07-21 by Marie Vonowfollow
Image by Marie Vonow

I have previously written about a few examples of Adelaide street art featuring a woman in Women In Street Art . Today I was in Adelaide and photographed three other pieces of street art featuring a woman. I was not specifically looking for women as the theme, it just happened. Each piece of art is different and each one has its own appeal.

Face on a brick wall off Glen Osmond Road Image by Marie Vonow

This painting certainly adds interest to an otherwise plain and boring brick wall. It is nice that there are no cars, parking signs or other obstructions. I got a good view of this painting.

The artist has painted just the face. We have to guess what the woman is wearing, how tall or short she is and if she is carrying anything. I was too caught up in looking at her face to wonder about any of these things until I started to write.

I looked at her face and wondered how she was feeling and what she was thinking. She doesn't look happy to me. Is she worried, sulky, bored or just plain tired. Tired, we all know that feeling.

Painting on a wall near Hindley Street Image by Marie Vonow

In contrast this woman looks happy, a smile on her face. She is looking down rather than inviting eye contact and her hand is near her face. Is she a little self conscious? Just what is she thinking, a private joke maybe or other thought she wants to keep to herself?

I noticed the windows with the fluorescent lights on her forehead. At first I found them annoying as they detract from the lovely face. Then I started to think how the lights in her brain could be viewed as an artistic version of a metaphor, you know how we refer to the light coming on when we have an idea or inspiration.

Near the Adelaide Railway Station Image by Marie Vonow

I love the vibrancy and motion of this painting of a woman dancing with her partner. We don't see the man's face, the attention is on the woman in the red dress. It's a pity about the parking sign which gets in the way. Oh well, I still love the painting and will do my best to ignore the obstruction. It's a bit like life when it's a good day but something goes a bit wrong but you decide to concentrate on the positive aspects instead of letting that thing spoil the day.

Whereas the other two paintings are of a woman's face, this one shows the woman's body too and it is essential to the painting. I have used just her face in the title image but we get so much more emotion and the sense of movement and energy from seeing the whole painting.

I love the way street art turns up all over the place, often when you least expect it.


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