How Dangerous Inappropriate Diet Can Be

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Every day we are witnessing thousands of new and effective ways to lose weight in just a few easy steps. Most of these techniques require severe dietary changes and lifestyle alterations. It is not uncommon for people to rapidly change their diet, stop eating certain foods or simply start avoiding eating in general. While certain nutrition changes are crucial for achieving the best results, making drastic and rapid modifications in your eating habits could severely damage your health. Most people are not even aware of all the harmful effects that an inappropriate diet can bring. These are some of the most common risks of rigorous dieting:

{Why Diet In The First Place?}

It is not that rare to hear people say they are dieting in order to lose weight or get their body in shape. Most people believe that restricting their body from certain foods will grant them their desired looks. One of the most common practices is avoiding fatty foods, carbohydrates, sweets and high-calorie foods that allegedly only increase the cholesterol and create fatty deposits on the whole body. What is important to realize is that biology does not work that way and that these kinds of restrictive diets do only harm to your body. By depriving yourself of some essential nutrients like healthy fats, carbs and sugars you are preventing your metabolism from functioning properly. The biggest mistake that most people make is not informing themselves correctly about certain properties of foods and their bodies in general.

{Health Consequences of Faulty Dieting}

Not only are these rigorous diets the least effective way to lose weight, but they also carry a great deal of health risks with them. Studies have shown that people who are prone to drastic dietary changes can actually gain more weight and only lose muscles in the process. Also, by depriving your body from essential nutrients like vitamins, proteins and minerals you are risking some serious heart problems, hormone imbalance and mental issues as well. These conditions can be manifested in different kinds of ways starting with fatigue and nausea up to anemia, gallstones and electrolyte imbalances. It is not an uncommon thing for people to experience even some more severe health consequences and having to rely on 24 hour emergency care and other medical assistance.

{Balanced Diet Is the Key}

The only effective way to actually get in shape is to lead a balanced lifestyle. This includes implementing a regular fitness regime in a combination with a healthy and balanced diet . A balanced diet should consist of all the essential nutrients like protein, carbs, minerals, vitamins and even sugars and fats but in a moderate manner of course. The only solution is to learn how to eat properly and when to eat during the day.

It is crucial to be informed about all the negative effects of improper dieting. Only then will you be able to create a diet plan that will suit your needs and help you achieve your desired goals. Starving and restricting yourself from certain foods can only have contrasting effects and long-term health consequences. The key is to eat smart and to live healthy.


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