The Pressure To Spend

The Pressure To Spend

Posted 2015-09-06 by Marie Vonowfollow
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There is plenty of pressure to go out and spend, spend, spend. Haven’t got the cash? Don’t worry, you can get it on credit. But do you really need it? Will it make your life better in the long run? Some big ticket items are necessary expenses these days. A bit of a splurge now and then can be fun. Getting yourself deep in debt isn’t. Filling your house with lots of ‘stuff’ you don’t need and don’t get pleasure from is pointless.

I remember a time in my life where I owned a lot less. As we are talking about a time a number of decades back, some of the things I now own hadn’t been invented. Therefore I did not miss them.

Once I had bought my first microwave I couldn’t live without one. The same goes for the video player, mobile phone, computer and so on.

Some of the things I have bought over the years didn’t get much use. Contrary to the advertising, these gadgets didn’t save me time. Some kitchen appliances may have saved time initially but then the item had to be cleaned. That was a time consuming task in some instances.

I have found I often don’t need things I thought I did. There can also be a temptation to buy more than one of something in case you lose the first one or it breaks.

A friend may recommend something but you may not find the item very useful because you have a different way of doing things. Your lifestyle may be different. Although it can be helpful to get advice from a friend before purchasing something, the ultimate decision needs to be yours.

Some major purchases cost a lot of money. Was the item bought on credit? This is the only way most households can afford some big ticket items. There are other items that are not essential. Is it worth the extra hours you need to work to pay for it? Is it worth the stress?

At times a new purchase brings stress that had not been anticipated. Years ago friends bought a beautiful new pale coloured carpet for the sitting room. It looked lovely and they wanted to keep it in good condition. Once the new carpet was laid the children weren’t allowed to eat or drink in the sitting room. Then it was decided the adults really shouldn’t drink coffee or red wine in case a spill occurred. These were sensible decisions but sometimes they missed their old carpet.

No one can tell another person what they need and what will improve their life. Often one works this out over time. It is a trial and error process. At different stages in life one’s needs change. The other members of the household will have an influence. However, it is important to remember you don’t have to buy something just because someone you know has bought one. Your worth is not about what you own, in spite of what some advertisers would like us to believe.


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