The Power of Waiting Till Tomorrow

The Power of Waiting Till Tomorrow

Posted 2014-04-08 by melzyfollow

How often have you found yourself feeling hopeless? You wonder if you have the strength to make it through the night.

Well I would like to discuss with you a topic very close to me, having lost loved ones and nearly my own life.

Suicide is final, irrevocable and destroys all hope.

If you find yourself feeling it is your only option.....wait. After all if your planning on not being around anymore what harm is a few more hours?

See the problem is if you don't wait, all hope is gone, forever.

If you do wait you might find you are so grateful that in your moments of weakness you did not give in, you did not give up.

Is it not worth it to give hope a chance to sow its seed tomorrow? To give yourself another chance.

Many people don't understand how powerful waiting can be. It allows time for the pain to subside, for new hope to blossom in your heart. Everything changes my friends. You may be closer to success than you think.

Sometimes your life is just one small change away from working for you, from experiencing that love and contentment you desire.

I know how excruciating those dark moments are when the pain and or shame seems unbearable for one second longer. Be strong, seek others to help you make it through.

To take your own life is to say "I am taking away the opportunity from myself to live and love and contribute to the world. I am not giving myself another chance to live a purposeful, meaningful life". Don't murder yourself you can make a difference.

May I suggest finding your passion and participating and following it so that you follow your true path. Its often when we don't do this that we find ourselves lost.

So please consider waiting till another day. Its your will and within your power to give yourself more time. A bit more time maybe all you needed to remember your life is precious and of value always, forever, no matter what.

Claim your power and please my friend just wait, watch that sunrise and begin your life anew.


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