The Pleasure Of Taking Photographs

The Pleasure Of Taking Photographs

Posted 2016-03-17 by Marie Vonowfollow
Image by Marie Vonow

I love taking photographs of all sorts of things. It is wonderful to have a photographic record of a day with family or friends. In years to come I will be glad I captured the scenery viewed on various holidays. I also enjoy taking photos of random things that amuse me. Frequently I take photos to use as images for online articles.

I took image 1 in this article while I was on holiday in Thailand five years ago. Looking at the photos I took there causes a flood of memories of a wonderful holiday and many experiences.

Many of us take photos when on holidays. Before digital photography I would go through numerous rolls of film on a holiday, often taking several shots of the same thing to ensure I got at least one good image.

Some people are self conscious and don't like to have their photo taken. However, it is wonderful to have pictures of those we care about.

I find it interesting to view photos of my ancestors whom I never got to meet. Without photos I would have no idea what they looked like.

I even find it interesting to look at photos of myself as a younger person. But, I do wish I hadn't cut my fringe the night before my grade 3 school photo.

When I go out I usually take my camera so I can take a shot of anything of interest. Looking for interesting things makes me take more notice of my surroundings and heightens my enjoyment of the excursion. Last year I went to the Barossa Vintage Festival and photographed many of the 'scarecrows' people had made for the festival.

Maypole dancer scarecrows at the Vintage Festival 2015 Image by Marie Vonow

Sometimes I take photos of things other people wouldn't. I may see something and decide it could be useful for an article I am planning to write. Others may think I am odd for taking photos of things like recycling bins and litter bins. However, when I took photos of the bronze pig snuffling in the bin in Rundle Mall no one thought that strange. Many people, especially visitors to Adelaide, photograph the bronze pigs.

One of the bronze pigs in Rundle Mall Image by Marie Vonow

Many people find pleasure in taking photographs. Photography can make one see something in a different way. It can distract one from personal worries and stress. As one looks around for something to photograph one is practicing mindfulness.

Usually people take a photo with the finished product in mind. They want a nice clear photo of the thing they are focussing on. However, it is the process of taking the photo that is therapeutic and beneficial for one's mental health.

It has been found that photography can improve a person's mood. It is also good for the brain and can help prevent the onset of dementia.

I love flowers so it is not surprising I get pleasure from taking shots of all types of flora. When I view the photos on my computer screen at home I feel happy again.

Image by Marie Vonow

Looking around for beautiful, quirky or interesting things to photograph increases my gratitude for the good in my life.


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