The Meaning Of Friendship

The Meaning Of Friendship

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Recently my attention was caught by the words on a cushion, 'Friendship isn't a big thing, it's a million little things.' Friendship is very important to us as human beings because we are group creatures. In that respect friendship is a big thing, in terms of its importance. However, .it's all sorts of little gestures, shared events and memories put together that amount to a friendship.

When I am with a friend I love knowing I am able to relax and be myself. I am quite happy to have a gentle laugh at myself and my hangups with a friend because I know she won't laugh at me. She won't tell other people anything I have shared in confidence. She will share her hangups with me too so there is a feeling of being accepted, warts and all.

Sometimes talking to a friend helps me sort out the stuff that is buzzing around in my head. My friend may not say much but the important point is that she will listen.

It is great to share time with someone who 'is on the same page' and understands the significance of things you are talking about. Friends can be a source of motivation and encouragement. Sometimes they can offer suggestions to help you achieve your goals. Other times they offer you seeds or plants for your garden or a great recipe.

There are friends who will offer practical help. When I held a garage sale last year I really appreciated the assistance of a friend who helped out. She brought along some of her stuff she no longer needed and was able to sell that so we both gained from sharing the garage sale.

Some friends are just fun to be with. They encourage you to take time out and they make you laugh. You can go to a movie with this sort of friend and enjoy a comedy. They will reassure you that you do have time to spend the morning at the beach with them instead of doing housework.

Over time it's the million little things that add up to make a friendship. Thank goodness for friends.


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