The Latest Trends in Indian Jewellery Design

The Latest Trends in Indian Jewellery Design

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Gold jewellery has an everlasting charm that has not faded through the years and 2018 saw a steady growth in the market. The trend is expected to continue through 2019 and designers are coming up with novel ideas to craft the best jewellery designs. So in this article, we will look at the few trending styles that are shaping the jewellery market.

The hoop earring
Earrings are an integral part of women's fashion jewellery and hoop designs with their elegant silhouettes are extremely popular. These form of earrings come in various forms and can be discreet or showy. They can be designed with the traditional look or with a light and trendy feel. These designs are versatile and can be chosen as per one’s personal tastes. The classic hoop is here to stay as a long time performer in the jewellery market.

Temple jewellery
Temple jewellery with an antique finish is definitely one of the most popular trends in the women's jewellery market. Inspired from the designs of South Indian temples, these items come in various graceful shapes and sizes. The combination of gold with precious gems make these patterns showy and enchanting. The intricate designs, specifically those of goddesses are painstakingly carved into these items, giving them a royal touch. They are ideal for exuding the perfect traditional look for any event.

Pendants are one of the most popular forms of jewellery for women that can add elegance to any chain. While traditional pendants were heavy in design, most modern forms are kept light and sleek. They can be crafted out of metals like gold, silver or platinum with the addition of a jewel to accentuate the beauty. Pendants can be showy as well as delicate and can include amulets, talismans, lockets or even a charm. They can also be worn during any occasion and match almost every sort of dress with the right finesse.

The anklet
Nothing can complement a pair of lovely feet the way an anklet does. It adds a unique charm to the overall appearance and a daintily crafted anklet will never go out of style. Anklets form an important part of the sale of designer jewellery online : the latest designs are light and easy to fix with a simple but firm clasping mechanism. From kundan works to floral patterns and further to single chained ones, anklets come in various forms. Anklets crafted with beads, stones or pearls can be the perfect way to complement any traditional dress.

Traditional designs
A traditional jewellery set, especially the bridal designs form major part of the market and it is often influenced by Bollywood style statements. Items like multi-layers necklaces, armlets and traditional Rajasthan jewellery have become extremely popular for making the right statement on the wedding day. While the choice of jewellery for the pre and post-wedding events often borders on the trendy, classical designs are still the favourite choice for the D-day. Traditional designs in gold are the popular choice for the main event while diamonds, rubies and other precious stones are being chosen for the other days.

Striking the right balance between traditions, personal choice and style is not an easy task and a comprehensive jewellery collection needs to be selected with care. A resonance between the modern trends and tradition is the best approach for a perfect collection.


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