The Joy of Falling in Love

The Joy of Falling in Love

Posted 2014-06-08 by melzyfollow

Remember that feeling when you get butterflies just looking at him. It feels as if your heart might explode. You know absolutely beyond any doubt you are in love with this man.

Its literally like a drug, the feeling of bliss and elation when that love is returned unto you. You feel as if you are the luckiest woman in whole world.

He calls or texts and you have this silly grin on your face you can't wipe off no matter who teases you about it. Your friends start to notice that apparently you are glowing. Almost as if the joy is seeping from you. The feeling is so intense your body can't contain it.

A hug or simple act of kindness like a kiss on the for head and all the pain from past heart aches seems to melt away. The world seems like a better place after all full of hope and wonder.

A kiss is like starting a wildfire and a touch just fans the flames. Your falling in love and your a goner. Nothing compares to this feeling of finding your other half, that person to share your life with.

Its almost as if everything has more meaning. Someone chose you worthy of their love, their time and their devotion. You adore them for that and for all that they are. To you he is the handsomest man in world and he's yours.

Its such a powerful emotion, one that heals and grows and prospers under the right conditions. The purest form of joy I've ever known is to fall in love and be loved in return.


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