The Crazy Cat Lady

The Crazy Cat Lady

Posted 2014-06-02 by melzyfollow

Dear Readers,

Please understand that I am both proud and embarrassed if that is possible of the true joy of my life. I am officially a cat lady, why this makes me crazy I am yet to have explained to me. I know there is no denying this is what I am but the title does irk me some.

They have four legs, fur and whiskers. I might add some annoying traits but all is forgiven when one curls up on my lap and purrs as I cry over the latest heart break.

Each to their own but I have many rescues in my home that I count as my children. Which I might add I am not alone in this. Whether it be an empty nest because the children have grown up, a failed relationship or the inability to have children of your own. Or sometimes you just prefer them to people end of story.

How can I explain the comfort and wellbeing you receive from a cat. They choose you, they are quite capable of living without you and moving on but they stay. I guess some men could learn some loyalty from our furry friends.

I once had a friend tell me he at first thought I was crazy about the cats but came to realise they were crazy about me. The more time, love and attention you give them, the more you receive in return.

Each has a personality of its own and their own little traits. I have one who thinks he is a dog and has me throw a fluff ball toy for him to retrieve on a regular basis. He has also been known to take off with more important items which eventually showed up....months later (item belonging to my ex which I still find quite amusing).

All I know to tell you that a man has never comforted me more than one of my furry little children, if that makes me sad then I admit that whole heartedly. When my hearts broken the only joy that shines through the pain is that soft purring little soul that wants to cuddle in my arms and when I least expect it he licks my nose.

Sincerely yours,
The crazy cat lady xo


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