Surrounding Yourself With Things You Love

Surrounding Yourself With Things You Love

Posted 2015-10-25 by Marie Vonowfollow
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It is wonderful to have people you love around you. It is also great to surround yourself with things you love. These things may have little monetary value and they might not impress others. In your own living space it is comforting and perhaps inspirational to have things you love.It is a way to express your uniqueness. If you share your home with others you will need to work out a way of each person displaying some of the things they love.

Much is said these days about not holding onto clutter. Over the years the number of things in your home can build up and overwhelm. It is good to reassess your possessions from time to time and part with those that no longer have significance. At the same time it is nice to keep things that you truly love. On occasions it is exciting to buy (or swap/barter) something new that is special to you at the current time.

Some of the things which are important to you may be items you, your children or someone dear to you has made. If you made the thing yourself you will have put a lot of yourself into it. It will be an expression of your creativity and is likely to be especially important to you.

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If you have a favourite bird or animal you may have some ornaments of this creature in your living space. I have always loved owls and many have come to me as presents over the years. Some have now moved on to other homes to make way for new ones. When I look at owls given to me as presents I have memories of the giver.

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A couple of years ago I realised my favourite environment is the river. I love to walk by the river that is not far from my home. One day there was a stall at the Sunday market selling paintings done by a local artist. As soon as I spotted the painting below I wanted it. It was an impulse buy but one I treasure.

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Some things you love may not cost anything. Other people may not even like them but if they make you happy then there is a place for them in your home. Last summer I picked some agapanthas heads when they had dried and arranged them in vases. I sprayed some and put blobs of sparkly nail polish on the tips of others. I was pleased with the way they looked and still have them on display. Once they get too dusty I will dispose of them.

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I have friends who have travelled overseas extensively and they like to display mementos of their travels. Items bought on overseas trips can be great reminders of fun times and experiences in different cultures.

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Surrounding yourself with things that mean something special to you is a way to express your personality and turn your house into a home.


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