Street Art Around Adelaide

Street Art Around Adelaide

Posted 2014-12-03 by Marie Vonowfollow
At Prospect SA

After living away from the Adelaide area for eighteen years I moved back. I am aware of many things that had changed since I lived here previously. Also I realise some things had probably always been here but I never noticed as my thoughts were consumed with motherhood, being a wife and employment. One of the advantages I am finding about getting older is having more time to reflect and actually notice the world around me. Recently I have become aware of street art in various forms.

Wikipedia offers a definition of ‘Street Art’ as, ‘visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues.’ Some street art is created for the aesthetic value, other pieces to make an environmental or poltiical statement. Now that I am looking for street art I am amazed at the number of mosaics, ceramic tiles, decorated stobie poles and paintings on walls.

Painted stobie pole at Goodwood SA

Some of these works would have been commissioned, others would not have been. When I ‘discover’ a new example of street art I wonder what prompted it. Who is the artist or was it done by a group of artists? Why is the art work there? Sometimes the artist wanted to communicate a message. I look at some street art and wonder what the message is because it isn't obvious to me. At other times the art is there to decorate and improve an old brick wall or tin fence.

Painting on brick wall at Glenelg SA

On the internet I have noticed a few property owners making requests for artists to contact them with the view to doing a painting on a wall. Some dull car parks have come alive because of the paintings on the walls surrounding them.

Painting on car park wall near Hindley Street Adelaide

I take my camera with me when I go out exploring, hoping to ‘discover’ more examples of street art. Sometimes I can’t get the photo I want because of shadow. At other times cars will be blocking the view. Oh well, I can come back another day in the hope conditions will be better.


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