Sneakers And Skirts

Sneakers And Skirts

Posted 2015-01-24 by Marie Vonowfollow
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Although I am interested in reading about the current fashions it often takes me a while to catch up with what is ‘in’. This was the case with the wearing sneakers with skirts and dresses trend. I read it has been ‘in’ for a while but I only caught up with it recently. It is a trend that I am quite excited about and I hope it stays in fashion for a long time.

I have always found getting shoes that fit properly, are fashionable enough and affordable a problem. My feet are big. I like a shoe I can walk a distance in. Now I am older and have some foot problems requiring the use of orthotics it is harder to get suitable comfortable footwear. Often I would have an outfit I was pleased with but didn’t have suitable shoes. This was particularly the situation with outfits involving a skirt or dress.

I like wearing skirts or dresses especially in warmer weather. However, you need the right shoes to go with them and I find it so difficult to get comfortable ones. Consequently skirts and dresses hung in my wardrobe neglected and unworn.

That has changed since discovering it is currently more than acceptable to wear sneakers with skirts and dresses. It is now fashionable. I have been having fun looking on the internet for ways to wear sneakers with skirts and have bought myself a pair of white sneakers to wear with skirts. Some of the combinations I have seen on the internet don’t appeal to me but I have picked up plenty of ideas. Those skirts and dresses I love but couldn’t find comfortable shoes to go with are now being worn.

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I ventured out to a meeting wearing a skirt and sneakers the other day and received a couple of compliments. Another lady commented on my shoes and said they looked comfortable. She was also wearing sneakers and a skirt and we got talking about how nice it is to have comfortable shoes. We both walk and use public transport a lot so comfortable shoes are particularly important to us. The sneakers and skirt trend may just have helped me make a new friend.

In time I know the trend will pass and become ‘so last year’. I remind myself to live in the moment and enjoy the fashion while it lasts. When the fashion passes, perhaps, just perhaps I will muster the confidence to continue wearing sneakers with skirts and dresses and not let fashion dictate what I wear.


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