Six Great Reasons to Look Forward to Winter

Six Great Reasons to Look Forward to Winter

Posted 2017-05-01 by colmofollow

Winter is almost upon us and I’m looking forward to it! I’ve often said that I am the opposite of a bear – I hibernate in the summer and come to life in the winter. If you need to be convinced that winter is the best time of the year, here are six great reasons:

1. Everything is green.
Winter is the best time to go for a drive in the countryside and enjoy the lush green-ness of the hills. Our lawns look better with less care and our vegetable gardens are rich with healthy choices.


2. It’s cheaper.
It’s much easier to warm ourselves in the winter than to cool down in the summer. Wearing warm clothes and wrapping up in cosy blankets costs nothing. Add some fluffy socks and a hot water bottle and you’re as snug as a bug.

3. It’s satisfying.
Think of all those delicious winter warming soups, casseroles and roasts. Some of my favourite winter memories revolve around bowls of hot soup in warm kitchens.

4. It’s safer
Summer brings the threat of grass fires and bushfires. I have experienced the fear of having to evacuate my home when a fire came uncomfortable close to my home. Even living in the suburbs doesn’t guarantee immunity from fires.


5. There are less pests about.
I have a fear of snakes, and just as with fires, they can rear their heads anywhere. Winter sends them into hibernation so that we can walk in grass and bushland without fear of getting bitten.

The same goes for those other pests – mosquitos, ants and flies. While they are somewhat active most of the year round, summer days bring increasing numbers of flies and ants to ruin the best picnics evenings bring out hungry mozzies.

6. It’s easier to sleep.
Remember those hot, sweaty nights, tossing and turning, desperate for even the smallest breeze? Now think about chilly nights in flannelette pyjamas under a feather quilt. I know which one makes me sleep better. Then, of course, there’s rain. Who doesn’t love falling asleep to the sound of it on the roof at night?

So, while you could always argue that winter also means wet washing, mud puddles and sniffly noses, there are always indoor washing lines, wellington boots and an excuse to take a sickie or two. Argument won.


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