Scarves as Accessories

Scarves as Accessories

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A scarf can be an item you wear to keep your neck warm on a cold day or it can be a way of dressing up a plain top or dress. Do you like to wear a scarf? Do you choose to wear one in a classic way or do you like to discover new ways to tie, loop or drape your scarves?

Scarves can be worn in all sorts of ways. You can wear two scarves together or if you have three thin ones of similar lengths you can plait them together for a different look.

Two long scarves worn together. Image Marie Vonow

Two long scarves wound together. Image Marie Vonow

A bit of time on the internet will give you ideas if you need inspiration for a variety of ways to wear your scarves. There are some great You Tube videos with step by step instructions on how to wear your scarf. After looking at a few I decided I will buy a couple of new scarves in different styles and start making more use of this versatile accessory.

Your scarf can also be dressed up by adding a brooch if you don’t want to tie it in a fancy way or if you want to utilise your brooches more.

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Scarves can be used as an accessory in ways other than around your neck. A small scarf can be tied to a bag to dress it up. A long one can be worn around your waist. A scarf can be tied around a plain hat to jazz it up.

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When I travel, I tie a scarf to my luggage but that isn’t to make it look pretty. It helps me identify my case when it is unloaded.

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A scarf can also be tied to your car antenna to help you find it in a large car park. (This is useful if your car is the same colour as many others.)

How can scarves be stored so they are easy to find when you are in a hurry? I find the easiest way to store long scarves is to hang them up inside the door of my wardrobe. I don’t own a lot of scarves so this is adequate for me.

Scarves hanging from hooks inside wardrobe door. Image Marie Vonow

If you have numerous scarves a shoe organiser with pockets that hangs on the back of your bedroom door may work for you. Alternatively, you could hang your scarves from a multi-layered hanger intended for trousers. Some scarves can be rolled and stored in a plastic container.

Scarves can help to keep you warm, dress up an outfit or allow you to express your individuality. They can also be a lot of fun.


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