Rings As Accessories

Rings As Accessories

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Some women always wear one or more rings on their fingers and feel uncomfortable when they have to take them off. They may wear an engagement and wedding ring, maybe an eternity ring. There may be a ring that has a different personal significance. For some women rings are just nice accessories. Other women don’t like rings. It is all a matter of personal preference.

If you are working in a career where you perform personal care duties it is likely there will be regulations preventing you from wearing rings on your fingers for work. You don’t want to scratch a client with the stone in your engagement ring. The sharp corner of a large ring could cause an injury. In some jobs the risk is to you as an injury could occur if your ring gets caught on a piece of equipment. You may be requested not to wear rings for health reasons as dirt and germs could build up under your favourite ring.

When you are doing pottery or another messy hobby you will find rings are not practical. If you remove a ring, be sure to put it somewhere safe so you don’t lose it. Years ago I enjoyed making things from clay and would always remove my wedding ring when I was involved with this hobby. One day I could not find my ring afterwards. It never turned up, not even when I moved house after my husband and I separated.

When it is practical, rings can be fun to wear and can show your individuality. You may find a ring or more than one featuring your favourite animal or other symbol. I love owls and butterflies and have rings featuring both. However, I don’t wear them that often as they are somewhat bulky.

Owl rings. Image Marie Vonow

Butterfly rings. Image Marie Vonow

Sometimes you will come across handmade rings at a craft fair or market. I bought a ring made from a button at a vintage market. The lady who made them found ring making an enjoyable hobby and she earned pin money selling them at markets while her husband looked after their young children on the weekend.

Ring made from a button. Image Marie Vonow

Some women like simple classic rings. These may be expensive items featuring one or more precious stones bought from a jewellers or more affordable pieces bought second hand or from a market or shop selling costume jewellery. While some prefer yellow gold others prefer white gold or another metal. Some rings are made from resin. These days it is considered okay to mix the metals you are wearing so you might wear several rings, not of the same metal. You might wear a yellow gold necklace but a silver ring.

Do you like to wear more than one ring on a finger? Do you like a ring on every finger? What about your thumb?

Do you wear a toe ring when you have your feet on show? Perhaps you have a piercing and decorate it with a ring. There are so many options.

How do you store your rings? Maybe you place them on a crystal, glass or china saucer or in a container intended for jewellery storage. Perhaps you have the velvet covered box your ring came in. You might have a wooden or plastic box with a number of sections. This could be part of a jewellery box or a separate unit.

Image Marie Vonow

Alternatively you might have another place to store rings. A friend gave me a cute cat where I store a couple of my rings.

ImageMarie Vonow

Rings are another way of expressing yourself through what you wear. There are many styles, sizes and prices available so if you like wearing rings there will be something that suits you.


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