Reflections on Turning Sixty

Reflections on Turning Sixty

Posted 2017-07-10 by colmofollow
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Wow! What a milestone. Next week is my sixtieth birthday and I couldn’t be happier. Far from feeling worried about aging, I'm looking forward to this new decade of my life.

With each passing year I become a little more mellow and comfortable in my skin. I no longer feel a need or desire to impress others. I'm old enough to have accumulated plenty of wisdom but young enough that it is still relevant and shareable with others.

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As a grandmother I see my daughters going through many of the things I felt and experienced as a mother, and hindsight has given me a better understanding of each step of the journey. They may not realise it now, but those difficult days, those frustrating moments will be gone so quickly that they will look back and wonder where they went. My greatest hope for them is that their children give them a run for their money and end up turning out to be spectacular adults. Then the three generations of us can all look back and laugh about how agonising it all was but how we wouldn't trade any of it.

Sixty is also a great age to let go of the desire for money  and possessions. I've been there and done that, earning a good wage at jobs I didn't like, owning a house I couldn't  really afford, buying the latest home decor trend from Ikea. There was a time when all this stuff mattered - but not any more. I'm more excited now about having less stuff and working only as much as I need to - if I want to.

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My house is small and simple, I only own what I need or love. My favourite things now are having time to myself, following my passions, hanging with friends and family and chilling by the river with no rush to be somewhere else.

As I enter into this new decade I'm curious to see what is in store for me - more of the same, I hope - and new experiences to add to my ever-filling pot of wisdom. Ageing may have a few down-sides for sure, but the up-sides are spectacular. Now to start planning for seventy.


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