Passion for Cooking

Passion for Cooking

Posted 2014-06-21 by melzyfollow

You've just finished watching a cooking show on T.V. and your ready and rearing to go. Bursting with new ideas and eager to try out new skills. Well go for it...

Personally I love the aroma of fresh Basil. Doesn't cooking tantalise all the senses? Take a moment whilst cooking to experience each one. You can be an artist in your own kitchen cooking with love for family and friends.

I encourage anyone to do laps around a shopping centre picking out just the right ingredients to create with today or even better a farmers market. Grab a bottle of wine, turn up the music and just play.

Prepare sauces from scratch, grow some herbs in your garden. Kick your shoes off and go bare foot (just don't drop any knives). Food is a passionate affair we can enjoy and share.

Is it not a triple reward? You get to create, you get to share and provide nourishment. Experimenting with new ingredients or making the most of the ones you have on hand. Its art at its most basic and exquisite.

Don't let it be a chore, make it an adventure. You can travel through cultures and countries trying out different cuisines. For something extremely different try eating with your hands, that should create some laughs and a relaxed atmosphere. For a romantic night feed your loved one the banquet you have prepared.

Have faith in your abilities and strive to learn new things. A meal shared brings everyone together and bonding at deep level. Be passionate about cooking and you will inspire those around you and enliven your own soul at a deep level.


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