Nicky 20 Stripper

Nicky 20 Stripper

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Credits: Filippo Parisi

Nicky is 20 years old. She is a dancer at one of the most famous strip clubs in Sydney. Although it might seem degrading for many women, the young stripper provides us a whole different angle. She tells us her story.

  • How did you end up dancing in a club?

  • I am half Moroccan and half Irish. I was born in Morocco, and after I finished secondary school we all moved to Ireland with my family. I was broke and my parents didn't have a job. I was looking for a job on the internet and I found an ad from a dance club in England. I sent my application, basically my measurements and a picture of me. It was successful so I took the plane to England and started dancing.

  • How did you feel the first time you performed?

  • I was really scared. I totally freaked out and I started belly dancing around! But you get used to it, and it is always easier with a few drinks. Now I just enjoy being on stage, it is even addictive. I never took pole dancing classes, I learned it by myself. Sometimes I would just fall in front of the audience!

  • And what brought you to Sydney?

  • I didn't like the club where I used to dance in England. I only worked there for three months because there were only disgusting guys asking for sex. Moreover I was living in the same building as the club. So my boss would ask me to work every night and it was really too much for me.

    So I first move to Palma de Majorca, in Spain. It was way more safe than in England. We were not allowed to meet the clients outside the club and not even to use our mobile phones. Sometimes it was even too much!

    Then i decided to move to Sydney, for a change of scenery. I was hired in a strip club in Kings Cross, where I am currently performing. The thing I like about Sydney, is its diverse audience. It didn't seem awkward at all that you, a woman, had a drink in the strip club, did it?

    Credits: Kenny Karikas

  • Now that you have more experience, how do you feel when you dance for a stranger?

  • I really love performing on stage. It gives me the feeling I am in total control of the situation. Men can't touch me and they have to obey my decisions. I just enjoy myself, pole dancing on stage. At the end of the day they just pay for not getting anything from me. It is a great feeling!

  • Do you make private shows as well?

  • Yes, when a customer likes you, he can ask for a private show, which is no sex at all. They just want to get more intimate. Sometime they just need someone to talk to. They are often married men going through issues with their wife and they need someone to listen to them. As far as I am concerned, I don't really care, I just do it for the money.

    The only thing with private shows is that you are supposed to get naked. In the beginning I found it really hard and I would just wait until the last moment to quickly take off my underwear and flee! But I got used to it as well. I must admit that drinking helps a lot in this environment. When you are tipsy you feel more comfortable and you just dare more.

  • Do you have a boyfriend?

  • Yes, and this is the reason why I am going to stop dancing soon. At the beginning it was cool and it even improved our relationship, because I was feeling more comfortable with my own body. I was thinking: "If some guys are ready to pay to see me dance, my boyfriend must be happy he has me for free."

    Problems arose when it became more serious. He became jealous and it has affected my work. My mind is not as free as it used to be when I am dancing. The clients probably feel it and I am making less money.

  • Are you going to miss this job?

  • A lot. I am not saying it is an easy job. It is hard and you need to stay strong. It happens every night that clients ask for sex for huge amounts of money.

    I am going to miss performing on stage, but most of all, I will miss the girls. Even if I met them only a few months ago, we are like family. We understand each other because we are all going though the same issues. Our job has really brought us closer. And let's face it, I am going to miss that easy money as well.


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