Necklaces As Accessories

Necklaces As Accessories

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Necklaces have been around for a very long time. It is believed necklaces were worn back in the Stone Age. A necklace of some sort is often the item a woman will choose to dress up or complete the outfit she is wearing. She may choose a chain, choker, pendant, collar necklace, bib style or a rope of pearls. (I have read that chokers are ‘in’ for 2015.) The necklace may be vintage, modern or something she has owned for a couple of decades and still loves.

It may be inadvisable to wear long heavy necklaces and chains when working in some jobs where such an item could be grabbed causing a risk to your safety. In some jobs they could also get caught up when you bend down to reach something. A thin chain can be broken easily if grabbed. If there is no policy in your workplace to guide you, a bit of caution on your part is a good idea, to protect both your neck and your jewellery.

A long dangling necklace may pose safety issues in some circumstances. ImageMarie Vonow

Dainty chain necklaces can complement formal wear. Sometimes a delicate piece of jewellery works well with a colourful patterned top because it doesn’t compete for attention. Petite women and those with a classic style often find this type of necklace suits them.

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A thick twisted chain or a number of long chains worn together can look effective. The chains could be the same length or a variety of lengths. In the past the ‘rule’ was to wear jewellery items of the same metal together but these days it has been declared quite acceptable to wear a mixture. Who makes these rules anyway?

There are necklaces featuring stones (precious or otherwise), shells, wooden shapes, and all sorts of beads. They can be inexpensive or worth a king’s ransom. Many are symmetrical in design, others are asymmetrical.

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Some necklaces have the wow factor and earn the title ‘statement necklace’. These can turn a plain outfit into something special. Perhaps you are wearing an all black ensemble and there is nothing wrong with it but it is, well, kind of boring. The right statement necklace can bring it alive and give you added confidence about your appearance.

Making your own necklaces can be fun. The bits and pieces you need can be purchased from discount stores or craft shops. If you are having difficulty finding something you want, have a look online.

Someone with a good imagination will have their own ideas but if you need help there are projects to be found online, in craft magazines from the newsagency and at the library. Necklaces you make yourself can be a one off and you can tailor the style, size and colours to suit your wardrobe.

Handmade choker style necklace of fabric covered beads. ImageMarie Vonow

Necklaces can be stored in a jewellery box. If you have numerous, hanging them from hooks will prevent tangling. A small dead tree branch painted and put in a pot of plaster is another idea. You could attach a pin up board to a wall or the back of a door and hang your collection from pins. The pin up board could be covered with fabric or attractive wrapping paper if desired.

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There is plenty of choice when it comes to buying and wearing necklaces. The best way of deciding what suits the clothes you are wearing is to try different options. Take time to really look in the mirror. Sometimes a necklace you didn’t expect to be ‘the one’ just looks so right with a particular outfit.


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