My Diary Is Important To Me

My Diary Is Important To Me

Posted 2015-01-27 by Marie Vonowfollow
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I keep a diary in my bag, having not progressed to using my mobile phone to keep me organised. My diary is important to me so I don’t miss appointments and arrangements I have made. It is a form of security blanket.

I write appointments straight in my diary instead of accepting a card from the receptionist. Any time I organise to meet a friend I write the details into my diary. This year I chose a student diary because it had a spiral back and is a convenient size. Last year’s diary was a bit small and didn’t open flat.

On the long weekend I realised it wasn’t in my bag and started to look for it. I recalled taking some things out of my bag to make it lighter the other day. Probably the diary was one of the things I had left at home because I hadn’t needed it that day. I looked in the office/spare room where I keep my bag. I thought it might be on the bed but it wasn’t. There were magazines, a couple of newspapers, library books and all sorts of things there but no diary.

I moved the bed and searched down the side and sorted through everything on the table but couldn’t find it. Next, I checked in the car, even down the side of the front seat. Could I have taken it on the train the other day after all and could it have fallen out of my bag?

I had to find it by Wednesday because I knew I had an appointment then but couldn’t recall the time. Of course I could phone up and check but I didn’t want to appear disorganised. What time was Friday’s appointment? Would I have to phone up about thatappointment time as well?

Two days passed and I began to worry my diary was lost, not just misplaced. I was annoyed as I had filled in a lot of dates in advance and had been pleased with my degree of organisation.

I felt uneasy that I didn’t know where my diary was. This morning I grabbed my 2015 scrap book from a shelf in the office to glue in a cutting. As I opened it, my diary slid out. I was so pleased to see it and immediately felt more relaxed and in control of my life.



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