Monstruous Feminine The Pressure of The Beauty Industry in Raw Pictures

Monstruous Feminine The Pressure of The Beauty Industry in Raw Pictures

Posted 2014-04-07 by S.Cfollow
The talented Australian photographer Jessica Ledwich has published a deeply disturbing series of pictures denouncing the torture women commit on their own body. Chocking, not particularly pleasant to look at, but still very eloquent.

This new series of photographs is called The Fanciful, Monstrous Feminine. With her work, Jessica Ledwich aims at condemning the violence that women impose to their own body under the pressure of the beauty and fashion industries.

Jessica Ledwich is a Melbourne based visual artist whose work explores the more contentious topics of conversation. Mortality, anthropology, technology and contemporary ideals are themes that regularly feature in her work. Her work seeks to hold a mirror to human behavior, creating a powerful psychological viewing space.

“I am interested in creating immersive viewing experiences that motivate audiences to participate with my work.”

These pictures give us the opportunity to think about our own behavior. Do we all have to look like models? How much time and money do we spend on our physical appearance? Why do we always want to change our hair, to lose weigh or to have bigger boobs?

Jessica Ledwich reminds us that our body is not only an envelop that can be modified over and over again. We are our body.


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