Messages From What We Wear

Messages From What We Wear

Posted 2015-10-18 by Marie Vonowfollow
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This morning when I was getting ready to go out to the local Sunday market I chose to wear a favourite silver bracelet on my wrist. It has uplifting words on it and I got to thinking about how the slogans or words we might display on our clothing and accessories influence us and those we come in contact with.

I don't usually buy t-shirts or tops with slogans but if I did I would select something uplifting or humorous. My mood is influenced by what I am wearing. If I had a sarcastic or negative slogan on my clothing my mood would be negative. Other people would be affected by the words as well. The words would influence how they reacted to me.

Sometimes I see someone wearing a humorous t-shirt which makes me smile. I might even make a comment about it to the wearer. However, humour is a personal thing. Sometimes what one person finds amusing can cause a degree of offence to another person.

Years ago I provided home help to a client who sometimes wore a t-shirt with what I felt was a very negative slogan. I felt particularly uncomfortable around her when she was wearing that t-shirt. Perhaps she thought it was funny but I am guessing, from her personality, she meant the slogan to be taken seriously. Time has passed and I don't remember the exact words but I remember the gist of it.

I have a second silver bracelet with inspirational words on it and I also love wearing this. Reading the words, kindness, joy, sincerity, confidence, respect, inspiration remind me of the importance of these qualities.

People I come across when I am wearing one of my word bracelets might not be able to read all the words but they certainly effect my mood. I know if the words were negative I would not feel happy.

ImageMarie Vonow

Your choice of clothing and accessories allows the opportunity to be yourself and express your style. It can show your confidence and other qualities.

Our clothes and accessories say a lot about us and project an image to those we meet. People who meet us for the first time will quickly make a judgement about the sort of person they perceive us to be. Even more important is the way the things we choose to wear make us feel.


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