Men In Street Art

Men In Street Art

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Having done an article on the topic of women in the street art of suburban Adelaide, I decided to follow up with one on men. When I looked through my images of people in street art I found more of women than of men. As I think about the places where I have seen street art, it seems women do feature more frequently than men. I don't think I have an unconscious bias leading me to concentrate on photographing images of women.

ImageMarie Vonow

Yesterday I met a friend for coffee at a cafe on a street I haven't explored before. I came across an interesting piece of street art on a corrugated iron fence in a side street. The painting shows a man and woman, as black outlines. They are from another era, a time when many men regularly dressed more formally and wore top hats.

On a side street off Unley Road ImageMarie Vonow

On the outside of the Salisbury RSL hall is a painting to commemorate Australians who fought in various wars. One of the images is of Simpson and his donkey helping a wounded soldier. John Simpson Kirkpatrick is remembered for transporting over 300 injured men to the beach at Gallipoli so they could be evacuated. He was killed, aged 23, while helping the wounded to safety.

RSL hall Salisbury. ImageMarie Vonow

There are numerous images featured in artwork on walls at the Salisbury Railway Station. One individual is a caricature style labourer putting all his effort into using a jack hammer. You can imagine the vibration and noise of the jack hammer when you look at the painting.

At Salisbury Railway Station. ImageMarie Vonow

Close to the same railway station is another piece of street art featuring a group of people. One of the characters is a young man standing and waiting with his skateboard.

Near Salisbury Railway Station. ImageMarie Vonow

Not far from the Bowden Railway Station is a large painting of the faces of these two men on a wall. They are realistic and the amount of detail in their faces contrasts with the previous painting.

On wall near Bowden Railway Station. ImageMarie Vonow

There are numerous works of street art under and on the side of the Morphett Street bridge. One item is the interesting face shown below.

Morphett Street Bridge ImageMarie Vonow

I don't know much about the technical side of art but I find the variety of styles interesting. Each artist will have a different interpretation of the topic, 'man'. Some will include much more detail than others. The way different artists use colour is interesting. Just as there is much variety in the personalities of people, there are so many different ways to portray them.


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