Mammals In Street Art

Mammals In Street Art

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ImageMarie Vonow

Many living creatures including mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and insects feature in street art. In some locations native Australian animals can be seen and in other places exotic animals are the theme. In various suburbs of Adelaide there are mammals painted on walls and fences. Some are portrayed in a realistic manner and others are whimsical or cartoon style.

One day I came across a child care centre wall with paintings of various things that would appeal to young children. Among the things featured were some animals including a camel and giraffe. The colours were bright and I felt the style chosen suited a child care centre.

These happy animals brighten up the exterior wall of a child care centre near Adelaides CBD. ImageMarie Vonow

Another day I was walking around the Bowden area and was excited to find quite a few examples of street art. There were different styles of painting and also some mosaics. Down a back alley I found some African animals. No, they hadn't escaped from a circus. I mean I saw animals painted on the wall.

These giraffes look friendly. ImageMarie Vonow

This lion with an elephant in the background is on the same wall as the giraffes

On another occasion when I was exploring I spotted this cheeky fox. I just had to photograph him but now I can’t remember where I found him.

ImageMarie Vonow

When I travel into the city on the train I sometimes write in my notebook or read. At other times I look out the window. I had noticed street art on a wall some distance from the railway line. A couple of months ago I got off at the nearest station and had a close up look at the painting. Then I could see the artwork featured possums in a variety of poses.

My favourite possum. ImageMarie Vonow

Another possum. ImageMarie Vonow

Whereas some artwork features a particular animal, other street art will contain a wide variety of things. The two kangaroos below came from a large intricate painting which included birds, buildings, a cat driving a car, a woman riding a bicycle, musicians, trees, dancers and children playing.

ImageMarie Vonow

Now that spring is here I will be taking advantage of the beautiful weather to explore some more suburbs to see what other street art I can find. I think it is great this art is available for everyone to enjoy for free.


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