Losing a Loved One

Losing a Loved One

Posted 2014-06-08 by melzyfollow

In a split second it feels as if your heart has dropped right out of your chest. Disbelief comes rushing in like a flood gate has opened somehow, somewhere unbeknown to you. You find yourself in this surreal reality trying to comprehend the news.

You find yourself repeating things over and over, trying desperately to fend off this moment, this knowledge. Your loved one has died. Nothing can prepare you for this moment.

You remember the last moment you saw them, the last conversation. You wish you could trade places and bring them back to life. How could this happen? Why did this happen? So many questions forever unanswered.

Its part of life, forever part of every living breath we take that one day we will all part from each other. The parting however is always with sorrow. Yet we rejoice in the life they lived and love they gave in their time here with us.

Memories are treasured and tucked away in a safe place to be revisited from time to time. Sometimes we avoid certain things, places, people in an attempt to distance ourselves from the loss.

Whats important is to know that they live on within you. What past you shared can never be changed, undone or taken away. That love lives on. They maybe gone but we have not forsaken them or forgotten. We can live in such a way as to honour their memory and light a candle in the darkness of this world to represent the light they once shared with us all.


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