Lighthearted Quiz About SelfReliance

Lighthearted Quiz About SelfReliance

Posted 2016-02-13 by Marie Vonowfollow
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One day I was thinking about how some people are extremely self-reliant, others independent enough but not over the top, some leave most things to other people and the rest have, shall we say, an extremely relaxed attitude to life in general. I put together this short quiz which is not meant to be taken seriously.

How self-reliant are you? Write down the letter corresponding to your response for each question.
1. Do you check your car spare tyre to see it is inflated to the correct pressure?
a) I double check it every time I put fuel in my car.
b) I check it about once a month.
c) That’s not my responsibility.
d) I thought a spare tyre was excess fat around the waist.

2. Do you have a spare set of keys with someone in case you lock yourself out of the house or lose your keys?
a) My neighbours, parents, my sister and two of my friends all have a spare set of my keys, just in case.
b) I have one spare set with a trusted person.
c) Someone else will work out what to do if I lose my keys or lock myself out.
d) I never lock anything.

3. Do you take an umbrella or raincoat/waterproof jacket with you if rain is forecast?
a) I always have a waterproof jacket and umbrella in my bag just in case it rains, even in the middle of a drought. I also keep a raincoat in my car all year round.
b) I take an umbrella or waterproof jacket/coat with me when rain is forecast
c) Someone reminds me to take an umbrella/waterproof jacket or coat if rain is forecast.
d) I never check the forecast. Anyway, I lost my jacket and left my umbrella in someone's car, I think.

4. Can you make a Caesar salad?
a) Yes. I have 5 different recipes for Caesar salad. I make my own dressing from scratch and add croutons made from my own home-made bread. The vegetables are organically grown in my back yard and the egg comes from my own free range hens.
b) I have a nice recipe my Auntie gave me. I buy the ingredients from the local shops.
c) I would tell someone to buy a pack from the supermarket. They open the plastic packet and tip the salad leaves into a bowl. Next they open the packet of dressing, pour it over and add the croutons and bacon from the dinky little bags. Making salad is no big deal.
d) I don't prepare any food. There is a takeaway shop next door.

How did you go?
All a's – It is possible to be too independent. You are too conscientious, worry too much and need to lighten up. You don't need a back up plan for the back up plan of your back up plan. It's okay to get help from someone else now and then.
All b's – You have a balanced approach to life. You are quite self-reliant but don't worry excessively.
All c's – Assuming you are old enough to have left home, it would be a good idea to start taking more responsibility for your own life.
All d's – Assuming you are old enough to have left home, you really need to start taking some responsibility for yourself.

I hope this quiz made you smile as it was meant to be taken in a light-hearted manner.


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