Lets be Realistic

Lets be Realistic

Posted 2017-04-22 by colmofollow
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I lived a rather sheltered life when I was young.
I was married at the age of twenty and - to be honest - I had no clue what I was doing. I had never spent any time away from home, I had never done any housework or cooking for myself or anyone else and I had no clue how to run a household or manage a budget.

I thought at the time (heavily influenced by television) that these were the things that defined a woman - being a good wife and mother and doing it all with a big smile.

I never shook the feeling that I was constantly struggling to measure up to these expectations and failing miserably.

In my eyes, other women seemed to have it all together, holding down a job, looking great, keeping fit, keeping a perfect house, raising perfect children and putting great meals on the table every night.

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It took me many years to learn that my impressions were wrong. Other women weren't perfect either, and many of them experienced the same or similar struggles as me. I was trying for all that time to live up to an unrealistic and unnecessary image.

These days I embrace the reality that life wasn't meant to be perfect. I keep myself pretty fit, my home relatively clean and tidy, and feed myself healthy but very simple food and that's more than enough.

I direct my energies into other things that I'm good at and my family and friends appreciate me for it. I never commit myself to things I don't want to do and while I'm happy to learn new things, they are things I want to learn, not things I feel obligated to learn.

With this simple philosophy I have finally become comfortable in myself and happy with the skills and abilities I do have. One thing I hope I have passed on to my children is the importance of being true to themselves, following their heart, acknowledging their shortcomings and never trying to live up to unrealistic expectations.


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