Joy and Peace from Self Acceptance

Joy and Peace from Self Acceptance

Posted 2014-06-20 by melzyfollow

How often do we judge ourselves by other peoples standards? We find ourselves lacking in meeting those standards set out by well meaning loved ones or even enemies or strangers on the street.

It makes happiness and joy seem unattainable unless we somehow become what everyone else believes we should be or do. Well enough, its enough. Its time we started living for ourselves and being true to who we are.

If this world was made up of people that were all the same, how boring would it be? Every individual possess gifts of value and something only they can offer.

The only way to set yourself free from guilt trips and shame and judging yourself is to put a stop to it. Have faith in who you are as person, you know your strengths and weakness' better than anyone else on this earth.

To achieve a joy no one else can take from you and a peace when you lay your head on your pillow at night its essential that you accept yourself....completely, faults and all.

People make mistakes and people also perform acts of kindness. One person's judgement is just one point of view, they cannot see all the good or bad in you and make a valid, fair judgment so don't ever accept their views with any kind of finality. They see but a snapshot of your life from their perspective.

If you have things you wish to change about yourself, make them for yourself but not to please another. You can never make everyone happy all of the time. You can attain your own joy and peace but remembering your own worth and accepting yourself as a worthwhile beautiful person.

It is such a relief with all the burdens we put upon ourselves or allow others to, to just let it go. To find joy in being who you are is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.


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