Insects In Street Art

Insects In Street Art

Posted 2015-10-05 by Marie Vonowfollow
ImageMarie Vonow

Butterflies are beautiful so it is not surprising they feature in various pieces of street art around Adelaide. Many other insects are not attractive. Numerous are very small so it is easy to overlook them when thinking of the subject for art work.

In some suburbs of Adelaide pictures have been painted on the stobie poles. I love the idea of turning a utilitarian item into a piece of art for all to enjoy.

Some of the stobie poles were painted some years ago and the art work is fading or chipping. Sometimes the concrete part of the pole is cracking as is the case in the photos of a butterfly and caterpillar painted on stobies below.

Butterfly painted on stobie pole. ImageMarie Vonow

Caterpillar painted on stobie pole. ImageMarie Vonow

If you look at the water theme mural at the Salisbury Railway Station you will get a mini nature science lesson as well as a bit of culture. Part of it shows the life cycle of the butterfly.

Life cycle of a butterfly at the Salisbury Railway Station. ImageMarie Vonow

A dragonfly features in this piece of street art as a change from all the butterflies.

ImageMarie Vonow

At Norwood there is a detailed fantasy painting on the outer wall of a cafe. If you take time to look at it carefully you will see this fanciful ladybird.

Fantasy ladybird. ImageMarie Vonow

Insects may be small and short lived but they play an important part in the environment. Some artists think they are worth painting either as the subject of a piece of street art or as a small detail in a larger work.


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