How to Remove Clutter from Your Blocked Kitchen Drain

How to Remove Clutter from Your Blocked Kitchen Drain

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The kitchen drain attached to the kitchen sink comes in for a lot of abuse. It has to accept oily stuff, fibrous foods and even shredded paper wipes. There comes a time when the trap below the sink becomes full and your kitchen sink will not drain water. If you are facing these problems then you need to clear the blocked kitchen drain by consulting with some professionals in this field. They have the latest tools and they can easily clean the drain within few hours. Also you can try some DIY methods to clean your blocked kitchen drain, and in this regards, you can use some hot water, acid or washing chemical in the drain. You can also try to plug out the garbage from the blocked drain, with some hangers and tools.

Mechanical Remedy to Clear Blocked Kitchen Drain

  • You could use a plunger or a wire to clear the drain but before that it is better to be thorough. This means you use a pipe wrench or any other tool to remove the cover off the plastic trap you see underneath the sink.
  • Remove them and use a wire brush to clean the trap as well as the trap arm. The wire should go as far as you push it without any resistance. If there is resistance, it indicates blockage.
  • Now cover the trap and run water. If flow is sluggish, use a plunger, preferably the round head one, to force out any remaining debris. The wire and plunger method should work in most cases to clear blocked kitchen drain.

  • Chemical Methods for Cleaning Your Blocked Drain:

    You may try chemical methods too. This can be done prior to using mechanical methods as a way to soften the debris or as the only method to clear clogged drain in your kitchen. The simplest and safest chemical is hot water. You can also add some vinegar and washing soda with hot water, and pour it into the kitchen blocked drain to clean it. Hot water will remove the garbage from the drain and soda and vinegar will prevent the bacterial infections from growing into your drainage system. Just make sure the material of the sink is not such that it will be discolored or stained. In touch cases you can use caustic soda. Make a concentrated solution and pour it in the drain and let it stand overnight. In such cases use mechanical measures to clean the blocked kitchen drain once you have given the drain a chemical soak or a hot water soak.

    Preventive Measures to Avoid Blocked Drain Problems:

    This is about clearing blocked kitchen drain. The problem resolves but it will reappear if the right practices are not adopted in the kitchen. Preventive measures are best.

  • Just put on an extra cover of fine wire mesh when you use the kitchen sink for washing utensils and this first line of defense will prevent larger particles from entering and clogging the drain. Ideally, before you wash any dishes, it is best to wipe them free of any foodstuff and dump such debris in the trashcan.
  • Use paper on greasy dishes and pans first before you clean them. This will prevent much of the grease from entering the drain. It is also a good idea to pour in a jug of hot water after work is done, preferably each night so that particles do not accumulate inside the drain.

  • It might happen that the blocked drain will not respond to any of these treatments. In that case you will have to turn to a professional plumber who may [Link use high pressure water jetting or vacuum suction techniques to clear blocked kitchen drain].


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