Fish In Street Art

Fish In Street Art

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Worldwide about 33,100 species of fish have been classified. Fish of some sort are found in most freshwater and saltwater environments. There are fish of many different sizes, shapes and colours and they feature in various pieces of street art around Adelaide.

Some street art portrays fish in a realistic manner. Other artists let their imagination go.

Two realistic fish from a mural near Salisbury Railway Station ImageMarie Vonow

Fish from painting at Salisbury Station ImageMarie Vonow

The seahorse is a type of fish. According to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History there are 47 species and 14 of these were discovered during the last decade or so. It is challenging to identify the different species of seahorse because they are able to change colour and blend with their surroundings.

The seahorse has not evolved much over time and this may be why some cultures see it as a symbol of patience and contentment. It is also unable to move fast which supports the concept of it being patient.

Ancient Greek and Roman mythology said seahorses transported the souls of the dead to the underworld. Sailors and Chinese cultures say seahorses bring good luck.

The seahorse is also regarded as a symbol of friendliness, generosity, protection, strength, power and persistence. Because seahorses have great eyesight they are considered to represent perceptiveness.

I have come across a number of examples of seahorses in street art around Adelaide.

I love this beautiful seahorse on a pole. ImageMarie Vonow

Some seahorse images are whimsical. An example of this is one which is a small part of a brightly coloured mural on the wall of a childcare centre.

Seahorse from mural painted on a childcare centre wall. ImageMarie Vonow

One day I came across an attractive mosaic featuring a seahorse. The mosaic decorated a large pot in the street.

Seahorse mosaic on a large pot in a suburban street. ImageMarie Vonow

Although fish are not as popular a subject for street art as some other creatures they can be found here and there. With the warm weather encouraging me to go out and explore I am sure I will find more fish in street art to take photos of in the next few months.


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