Fashions Come And Go

Fashions Come And Go

Posted 2015-01-24 by Marie Vonowfollow
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Fashion. Who decides on the current trends and why do many women try to follow fashion? Why is a particular colour 'hot' this season? Sometimes a new trend or fashion is fun and can liven up our wardrobe. A change can be good. A new style can be a talking point between women and it is an excuse to buy something new.

I enjoy reading fashion magazines and checking out what's in via the internet, although not as much as in the past. I have come to realise that I don’t like three quarters of the clothes in them. There are many things I would not wear even if I was younger, thinner, had lots of money and was going to the appropriate function. To me, some styles are plain boring or even ugly. That’s just my opinion and if someone else wants to wear them that is that person’s right. I believe every women should be free to wear what she feels happy in, even if I don’t like it.

There was a time when I sometimes bought fashion magazines, especially if I was about to embark on a bus trip of several hours. These days I borrow from the library if I feel like a fashion fix. Sometimes the magazines I borrow are a couple of years old so can be a bit out of date fashion wise. Some fashions change so quickly. They have to so fashion houses, clothes manufacturers and boutiques keep making lots of money.

Something that is in fashion will go out of fashion at some point in time. It used to be considered stylish to have shoes and a handbag that matched. Now I read this is out, being judged as ‘too matchy matchy’. In one internet article I read, ‘Matching your shoes to your bag? Gross. Matching your sneakers to your jewellery? FABULOUS!’ (the capital letters and exclamation mark are part of the quote.) It sounds like matching shoes and handbag are really out of fashion, at the moment anyway,

Sometime back in the past, certain colours were not to be worn together. Do you remember hearing, ‘Blue and green should not be seen without a colour in between,’ or something similar? Apparently the ‘rule’ no longer applies. It is in fashion to clash colours and patterns.

Skirt lengths go up and down and trouser/pant lengths do too. Are flares in or out? How long will skinny jeans be 'in'? Will a time come when shirt, tunic and dress hems are all straight rather than some being jagged?

Do you remember the over sized trend where it was fashionable to wear, tops in particular, a couple of sizes bigger than necessary? What about the fashion where seams were oversewn for emphasis and on the outside of your t-shirt? Oops, I have just noticed some of the seams on the multi patterned tunic (bought this season) I am wearing are like that so it must be acceptable again.

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Some items go out of fashion and then come back years later, often in a slightly different way. The ‘twin set’ of the fifties and sixties went out and was considered something only an older woman would wear. Later a top with matching or coordinated jacket became fashionable again, but this time without the pearls. At the moment I gather twin sets are okay especially if you are going for a ‘vintage’ look.

Some women don’t follow fashion but just wear what they are comfortable in or choose styles that suit their lifestyle and/or body shape. For some women, following fashion suggests abandoning their right to be an individual. Others feel they can express their individuality by choosing certain aspects of current fashion but they are not blind followers of fashion. Marc Jacobs, an American fashion designer, says, ‘I still appreciate individuality. Style is much more interesting than fashion really.’


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