Enjoy Lemon Coriander Soup While Retaining Your Personal Health

Enjoy Lemon Coriander Soup While Retaining Your Personal Health

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Lemon coriander soup is a delicious soup that has been used by the people all over Asia, especially India. If you prefer vegetarian soup, you can try out this amazing soup once in a lifetime. It is no wonder that soup is delicious and healthy. Rather than trying out lemon soup alone, try making the lemon soup with coriander leaves. The soup is a great appetizer as it will give you instant energy. Whether you opt for a gym or heavy exercise, you can have this tasty soup after your workout. Soup is not just a fluid to stop your hunger, but also to speed up your digestion. Hence, if you have only a few minutes for breakfast, you can have this lemon coriander soup in your daily meals.

Benefits of soup

Lemon coriander soup is packed with more than sufficient minerals to maintain your daily calories. As lemon is a citrus fruit, it has the high concentration of vitamin C, which helps to protect your skin cells from damage. Additionally, it contributes to protecting your skin from UV rays, suntan and skin radicals, which ensures bright and clear skin.

A recent study states that vitamin C may decrease the risk of a stroke and various heart diseases. Moreover, it is said to lower your blood pressure as well. The delicious taste of the soup is rapidly maintained with the right presence of coriander leaves, which prevent nausea, vomiting, and urinary infections. These leaves also help in cutting out the extra fat, leading to a flat tummy.

Why include soup in your regular meals?

Whenever you are doing heavy work, consider consuming healthy soup after the work as it will certainly retain the calories. Preparing soup is easy, and it is not a time-consuming process. On the contrary, it boosts your health and beauty. A good breakfast is incomplete without a delicious soup. So why won't you try out this healthy lemon coriander soup recipe ? Interestingly, if you are a non-vegetarian, then you can cook the same recipe by just adding chicken piece instead of lemon. So, lemon coriander soup is not only for vegetarians but also for non-vegetarians.

As it is does not consume time, it can be easily prepared at home. The cooking technique of this cuisine is similar to all other soups except the primary ingredients. Some of the main ingredients include flour, gram, onion, ginger, lemon juice, coriander and some flavour. When you are about to make the soup in non-vegetarian style, you can add some of the flavourful ingredients meant for a non-vegetarian style of the soup. Additionally, trying out non-vegetarian soup can provide additional benefits that people usually obtain from meat and other non-vegetarian food items. Furthermore, coriander soup is an excellent source of iron, magnesium, and fiber.

The great blend of coriander and lemon juice is much more useful for improving your health. Moreover, it is delicious and tasty too. The soup is even more delicious when you pair it with slices of a toasted bread.


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