Do You Wear Vintage Clothing

Do You Wear Vintage Clothing

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What is your approach to fashion and the clothes you wear? Everyone has their own thoughts on fashion and these may change over time. Some love to be on trend. There are those who drool over designer items. Vintage clothing appeals to some people and not to others. Those who love vintage may fill their wardrobe with such items or may prefer to use a vintage jacket, bag or other item as a statement piece.

I enjoy browsing in clothing shops and markets. These days I don't buy much because I have been bitten by the decluttering bug and along with that has come the decision to avoid accumulating stuff I won't wear much.

I look at all sorts of items I would never wear but I enjoy the experience of just looking. This includes checking out both the latest trends for women of all ages and perusing vintage/retro clothing and accessories.

Most of the vintage clothing I see is from the 1950s onwards. This means it is the type of clothing that has been the latest fashion at some stage during my own life. At one time these items graced the pages of women's magazines and hung on mannequins in shops that sold clothing.

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I also remember the time these things were going out of fashion and then got to the point of being 'so last year'. The fashion conscious didn't want to be seen wearing outdated styles. It can be difficult for me to now see these same styles as something I would feel proud to wear, but that's just me.

Having said that, now and then I come across something I would enjoy wearing in combination with modern clothing. I would certainly be happy to wear selected vintage accessories or a jacket with current items from my wardrobe.

A few years ago I held a seventies party and it was fun to wear clothing from that period. We had lots of fun listening to music from the seventies and eating party food from the time. Do you remember fondue?

However, for me, wearing vintage style clothing for a party is one thing and choosing it for day to day wear is another. Having 'been there, done that' I am not drawn to stocking up on clothing of the style I wore when I was younger.

I will probably continue to enjoy window shopping racks of vintage and retro clothing in shops and weekend markets for as long as the vintage trend is around.


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