When The Time Is Right

When The Time Is Right

Posted 2015-10-19 by Marie Vonowfollow
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Sometimes one wants to do a particular thing but there doesn't seem to be enough time, the task is too daunting or there are other obstacles which seem insurmountable. In some instances one never does that thing. It may cease to be important and one may decide there is no need to do it. In other situations there comes a time the pieces fall into place and one gets it done at last.

Lack of time is a common reason for not doing something. That 'something' could be a course of study, home repairs, renovations or learning a new skill.

Sometimes the 'thing' just seems too difficult. We may not know where to get the information we need. It may appear it would take too long to complete the course we are interested in. Perhaps there are financial constraints.

Young children or caring responsibilities can hold one back from attempting something. I recall trying to do house painting with a particularly active two year old underfoot. I gave up and left it for a couple of years until he was attending kindy.

There are times when there is some sort of 'block' that just stops you from tackling that task. Perhaps the death of someone close, a relationship breakdown or a health problem is stopping you. It could be you actually need time to slow up and be kind to yourself. Perhaps the time isn't right to tackle anything extra.

Depending on circumstances, your personality and way of coping, time may be all you need to deal with your 'block'. You may be able to get on with things when the time is right.

Perhaps you need to do something about the stress in your life. You could confide in a close friend or family member. Sometimes a doctor, counsellor or alternative health professional can help.

I have had times when I kept putting something off and never got around to it. When I have been under pressure with employment and caring for others any extra task has seemed too hard. Moving house, grief and lack of confidence have overwhelmed at times.

Do I admit I bought a sewing machine at a going out of business sale and took seven years to get around to working out how to thread it so I could use it? Meanwhile, on the few occasions I needed to mend something I used my old machine which was held together with strips of duct tape.

When I moved house the old machine was one of the items I parted with. Then I had to work out how to use the 'new' machine. It wasn't that difficult and I laugh when I think of how long it took for me to unpack that machine and read the instruction manual.

Recently I had a purge of old paperwork, essays, letters and the like. Again, it had taken me years to get to a time when it just felt right to do this. Once I had done this I felt able to keep going and sort through more stuff. The task is not complete but the time is right to tackle it, one box at a time.

Sometimes we get frustrated at ourselves for leaving tasks for so long. Ask if the task needs to be done. If so, could it be delegated or could someone else help? What is the quickest way to do it? Once the job, or stage one of it is done, a reward is in order.

When the time is right a task that previously seemed overwhelming can become manageable. Completing a task will bring a sense of achievement. Once you have had success with that task you are more likely to have the energy to tackle something else.


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